Finally I have added the "Rashid\'s Competitors" page. This details a bunch of different elite traders around the world of Tibia, each with some interesting backstory. Of course I wouldn't accept these stories as canon... unless they are.

Today marks the completion of a completely rewritten and formatted The Travelling Trader Quest page. You may have noticed it was a bit of a copy/paste job before but now it's all my own work

Just for fun I have submitted this website to be considered an official Tibia Fansite as part of their fansite program. I don't actually expect I'll be able to join the fray, but this is a fansite, and it's about a character in Tibia, so it begs the question

Here is the first post on the newly created website "". A website asking the burning question, Where is Rashid? Over and over again. It's intent is to be the fastest, easiest way to find out about all things